Wiki’s in the Classroom

A Wiki is a great technology tool to use in a classroom. Whether it is in a technology class, an elementary class, a middle or a high school class, Wiki’s are great across all ages and curriculum areas. They can be modified and customized to meet your needs. You can make them public or private. The possibilities are endless!

Many teachers are quick to get a Wikispace and then ponder how to make it work for them. Like anything new, we want it to be a quick seamless transition of something we already use, making it far less likely to be abandoned later on. To help you with ways to use your Wiki check out the links below.

Wiki Ideas

  • Teachers First puts out an online publication that outlines the benefits of a Wiki and then helps teachers explore ways it can be used in a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Vicki Davis who hosts Cool Cat Teacher Blog shares how she uses Wikispaces in her classrooms. Make sure you read the comments at the bottom from other teachers on how they use their Wiki’s.
  • I have two Wikispaces that I use. My staff wikispace is for staff members at my school to request technology repairs and troubleshooting. My student wikispace will be used for the first time this year for some collaborative projects. As of right now it is still under construction.
  • See other examples of teachers using wikispaces in education on the HCPSS Wikispace.

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